Christ Church – Services – includes COVID-19 Opening Arrangements (Updated)

Changes for Services in the Benefice of Christ Church, Stone and Oulton with Moddershall

We are grateful for your cooperation to maintain a safe environment which give people confidence to join our services.

The removal of most COVID Regulations means that the Standing Committee have considered our current practices and made a decision to have a ‘reduced measures’ approach to the pandemic that is now an endemic.

Christ Church holds a midweek Holy Communion each Tuesday at 10:30 am.

Tuesday Communion services

Your PCC continues to use all monies to their best advantage, and reducing energy costs is high on the agenda. Therefore the Communion service will be in the annexe from 1 November. This will save over 100 hours of fuel to heat the church. This is a significant saving with gas having risen so much recently. Please try to think where you could save – do you need the lights on, do you need a full kettle for a couple of cups of coffee …..?

Sunday Services in the Church Buildings will be announced here or via email.

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The Upcoming Events Page shows details of our Services.

It is important to remember that COVID has not vanished and people are still getting ill. Therefore, it is important that you not attend church if you are feeling unwell, join us on Zoom at Christ Church instead.

As we have seen the case numbers have been gradually falling despite lifting the measures we have been required to take to mitigate the spread of infection of Corona 19 virus. As the risks are diminishing., we are therefore adopting the following regime which will be extended across the benefice:  

  • Request you use hand sanitisation on entering the premises.
  • Provide a ‘mask-only zone’: those who use the designated area are to wear a mask at all times and not to remove them (except when receiving communion!).
  • To relax the distanced seating as we revert to using all the pews [no ticks and crosses system].
  • Ask that if you are feeling poorly to abstain from church as you would in the case of other illnesses.
  • To continue to provide a zoom link for the house-bound.

We have had a deliberately cautious approach over the two years to avoid having to back-track and provide confidence that we can meet without causing problems for others. We hope that this latest progression will prove acceptable as we continue to see people gain confidence to regularly attend services.

Please give thanks to the Lord for His sustaining us through these challenging times and look to Him to bring about peace as we now are concerned about what is happening in Ukraine. We ask that you continue to pray for our local churches to be an effective witness to the community, to invite people to join in and also to give a warm welcome when they do! 

The Vicar, wardens and PCC.