Groups and activities

Being part of a church means being part of a family of people who know God’s love revealed in Jesus.  As a family all sorts of things happen!  There are a number of groups and activities you can get involved in.  All are a way to get to know and serve other people. 

Fellowship Groups (sometimes called Home Groups, or Growth Groups) are a way of getting to know the Bible better within a small group of people who support and pray for one another.  There are a number of groups across the Benefice.  Each is different, but typically they meet every fortnight in someone’s home on a weekday evening.  Please speak to Paul Kingman to find out more.

Some people provide the wonderful flower arrangements we enjoy each week. A men’s group meets mid-morning every few months for fellowship.  The best way to find out about the various groups is to come regularly to our Sunday services, keep an eye on the notice sheet and ask around!