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In these unprecedented times we, at Christ Church, want to keep you involved in our Church Family, so, instead of inviting you to our church, we ask you to virtually invite us into your home so that you can share the message of Jesus, knowing that others are joining you in following our FaceBook and YouTube Productions.

We have been watching the Ebenezer YouTube series since our schools closed a few weeks ago – they’re great! The series is taking us through Luke’s gospel, and in each episode there are one or two songs, some Bible learning, a memory verse and a craft activity. Our favourite bit is when Zelda joins in, Zelda is a cheeky little bird and she loves to get involved. If you haven’t seen any of the series try episode 4, it’s really funny!
Ioan and Evan Leithead

Welcome to Ebenezer!

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There are lots more episodes on YouTube, so click this link to look at them all!

Ebenezer episodes on YouTube.