Holiday Club 2024

Our theme this year was Sporting Legends and we chose six Christian sports people to be our team mascots.  The youngest children were in Team Marcus (Rashford), then Team Allyson (Felix), Team Lewis (Hamilton), Team Adam (Peaty), Team Simone (Biles), and the oldest children made up Team Usain (Bolt).

The overall message was that we all have our own different abilities which God will use for His purposes.  We should work together and be good sports.  This was amply illustrated by the Watt Family as their school developed sports teams that valued each member and never cheated – unlike that horrid Mabel the Terrible and her dastardly schemes.  The ever-popular puppets Bert and Lucy added their interpretation of this theme.

Each day had a memory verse which was incorporated in a song which Paul taught – with actions.  We really had a lot of talented singers among the children and everyone enjoyed the chances to sing.

The bible story was about King David from his anointing to his bringing back the Ark of the Covenant.  The episodes were illustrated by Jerusalem TV’s reportage and a short talk each day by one of the leaders and there were plenty of giants and sheep displayed in the team corners.

We also had a games session every day to run off some energy and a crafts session where artefacts illustrating the main themes were constructed.  This involved glue, paint, felt tips, stickers and also eating (the decorated biscuits).  There was a quiz and a chance to bring your pictures etc from home to show and win points for your team.

All the leaders had their part to play and I would only mention one person without whom the whole edifice would have come crashing to the ground.  It was all held together by Chris Nix and his sound systems.  Each segment had its own snippet of music and Chris kept all the sections under control.

What did the children think of it all?  I asked around.  Top of the list came the puppets and the Watt Family Drama but arts and crafts, singing, games, everything was mentioned with enthusiasm.

I have been involved with the Holiday Club for many years and it is an excellent way for us members of Christ Church to work together and share our faith. But some of us are getting a bit too old to keep up the pace.  It would be wonderful to see a few new faces next year.  You’ll not regret it.                  

Monica Darlington