Christ Church Magazine, April 2011

The one book, the one life

Most people love a good story. The story of a person’s life of course holds a
lot of interest. We can enjoy a good chat over coffee and hear how different
life was during the War years. Then there is the cinema which can inspire as
it draws our attention to private struggles which have been overcome, as in
The King’s Speech. Others enjoy reading a biography which gives insight
into a figure of history or someone in the public eye today.
The four Gospels are like biographies of the life of Jesus, yet they are also
records of history which have inspired countless other works of literature,
music and art. They all end on a climax as they report his resurrection from
the dead.
Yet there is more to discover about him than just reading the Gospels. The
risen Lord Jesus reminded his disciples that the Old Testament was about
him: ‘He said to them, “This is what I told you while I was still with you:
everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the
Prophets and the Psalms”’ (Luke 24v44). Here are a few examples:
· God told Adam and Eve that their ‘seed’ would bruise the head of
Satan – the promise was fulfilled in Jesus who has overthrown
Satan’s power.
· Moses said that a greater Prophet would come – this points to Jesus
who gave the Law in his famous Sermon on the Mount.
· King David was told that arising from his family line would be a
king over an everlasting Kingdom – Jesus is that King.
· In the Psalms king David’s life anticipates the life of Jesus – a descendant of David, the anointed one for God’s people.
· Proverbs broadcasts wisdom and appeals for an audience to listen
and discover life – this is fulfilled in Jesus’ teaching.
· Isaiah spoke of God’s servant suffering for the sins of others for
their forgiveness – Jesus fulfilled this promise as his resurrection
showed that his perfect sacrifice was accepted.
So, the Bible is one book about one life: the life of
Jesus Christ. We hope that you can join us this
Easter as we once again consider his life, death and
resurrection – the source of life now and future hope.
Paul Kingman
Christ Church Magazine, April 2011