A bright future? – Magazine Leader, March, 2015

At the end of this month summertime begins. You may be relieved to leave behind the shorter days. As we look to the future we have the expectation of spring bulbs bursting into life, beckoning the long summer days.

The emergence from darkness to experience the dawning of light illustrates the Christian hope. The future hope of glory burns ever more brightly: for the final day will involve seeing the Lord face to face and that is a welcome prospect.

Even though that may be true, what do we make of not seeing things this way right now? Right now we may face what looks like a dead end: it could be in the area of money, emotions or relationships that things seem less than clear. Yet the Bible encourages us to continue to trust in the Lord: to rely on what he promises and conduct life in the light of how things will work out in the end. So, even if we can’t see the way forward, we are to exercise faith in the One who has called us into his Kingdom. Faith is not about making a wish under our breath as we blow out the candles on a cake. Faith is about putting our full trust in the faithful one. The Lord Jesus alone can provide the way forward. He alone will guide his people, as a shepherd guides his sheep. For Jesus is the way to God made plain, the truth about God made clear and is the very life of God made available.

The direction that he wants us to take becomes apparent as we head down the pathway that he puts before us. Quite often the way becomes understandable as we make the journey. So, we are not to hesitate in starting but to start in faith.

There is a proverb that says: “The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day” (Proverbs 4v18). The Lord’s people will one day stand in the full light, the glory of eternity, to see the big picture. Only then will we see God’s purpose in the pathway we have been led to follow.

The important thing for now is to trust and obey the one who has brought us out of darkness into the light of the Kingdom of his Son.

Join us as we discover more about the bright hope that is ours through Jesus Christ.

Paul Kingman

Magazine – March 2015