A Passion For Life – February 2014 Magazine

Are you a passionate person? The idea covers all sorts of things from romance to, dare I say it, supporting your favourite football team.

Passions are stirred during February in preparation for St Valentine’s Day. It’s a day when the least expected can suddenly happen. Romantics declare their love to their sweethearts over a candlelit meal or memorable day out.

We also talk about being ‘passionate’ when it comes to sport, something essential for the competitor, as it shows what truly matters to us. It’s necessary in terms of our motivation to get on and do things, rather than apathy that will result in not caring. Passion doesn’t guarantee success, but it is a key to commitment and investment of energy in the goal ahead.

During the run up to Easter a number of churches across the country will hold events with the tag line ‘A Passion for Life’. These events aim to spread the news of Jesus’ passion for the life of the world. The Lord Jesus was sent into the world to rescue it from sin, death and hell. Jesus had a passionate love for the world and so he was committed to the plan of rescue no matter what the personal cost.

In the recent floods and other disasters it is the heroic individuals who have gone out of their way in order to help others that impress us. Their actions so often cost them a great deal personally in facing danger. The leave the people rescued humbled and exhilarated, but also the story continues to inspire us who learn of their selfless actions. The Lord Jesus faced the greatest threat: ‘who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God’ (Heb 12v2b). Jesus faced this death in order to rescue us to lead a different life in relationship with the Father. When we have been rescued it is humbling, exhilarating and inspiring!

Christ’s passion for your life involved great personal suffering; it involved him laying down his life for you. That’s how passionate he was about you! Look out for the events we are holding and find out more.

Paul Kingman

Magazine February 2014