Autumn 2017 Sermon Series: – Christ in all of scripture

8th October

Bible Reading: – Genesis v3v8-21

Sermon: – Head under heels!

15th October

Bible Reading: – John 5v31-47

Sermon: – Words of witness.

22nd October (Half Term)

Bible Reading: – Psalm 2

Sermon: – Laughter in heaven.

29th October *Clocks change*

Bible Reading: – Proverbs 8

Sermon: – Wisdom personified.

5th November

Bible Reading: – Isaiah 53

Sermon: – The suffering servant.

12th November

Bible Reading: – Romans 9v30-10v13

Sermon: – Stumbling block or foundation stone?

19th November

Bible Reading: – Hebrews 1v1-2v4

Sermon: – A cut above the rest.

26th November

Bible Reading: – John 1v43-51

Sermon: – Jesus calls Nathaniel.