Big Top Holiday Club Review

Christ Church Life – Excerpts from the Magazine


What a joy and privilege it was for me to be part of the Holiday Club team once again and what a great team of which to be a part! The theme for 2019 was The Big Top, and the Bible stories and activities in the small groups were based around four characters in the Bible, namely, Samson (the strong man), Jonah (the escape artist), Elijah, (the fire eater) and Daniel (in the lion’s den). I think I speak for all the team when I say that it was a week of hard work, tiring, but huge fun. The week finished with a Holiday Club Service, preceded by breakfast and included the final instalment of The Watt Family Drama. Who will ever forget our vicar Paul running round the church dressed in costume as Great Uncle Waldo, in vest and meggings (that is, man’s leggings, for those unfamiliar with the term)!!!! Well, I for one won’t.

We were delighted to see many of the children who attended the Holiday Club return on Sunday with their parents.

The Watt Family Drama was in fact extremely popular with the children, along with the crafts and games. The following are comments from some of the thirty five or so  children who attended. Poppy….I liked the crafts.

Alice….I enjoyed every moment especially the Watt Family.

Layla….The puppets and the Watt Family were my favourite things.

Daisy  May…..Making stuff.

Charlie……The games, especially the tug of war.

Amelia and Penny liked ‘everything’ and Johan enjoyed the games.

Walter enjoyed The Watt Family and James enjoyed the puppets.

Rosa…I liked the songs because I liked the actions.

Theo….My favourite thing was the drama because I thought the Watt Family was super funny.

Joyella….I liked the dramas especially The Watt Family. They always have a problem. (sad but true!!)

Finally a word from Evie, who had never been to our church before….I enjoyed joining in and collaborating with new friends.

Those comments speak for themselves really , don’t they.

  The holiday club was of course a team effort but within the team there were many who, apart from helping with or leading the small groups, also threw themselves energetically into other roles to make the club such fun.

        And now I just wish to say one or two words of special thanks. Firstly to Sue for organising the Holiday Club and sorting out the groups and songs and a host of other things…always a big job, but we wouldn’t have a Club without you. Secondly to Elizabeth and Chris for masterminding the decoration of the church (fantastic) and preparing the exciting craft work, and again to Chris for his work on the sound desk.

Now, about next year………

Diana Tunstall – May 2019