Bin Twinning

Many of you will be familiar with Toilet Twinning.  Christ Church has a twinned toilet, sponsored by the Parents & Toddlers group. Tap Twinning was next helping communities to have their own clean water supply. These 2 projects focussed on hygiene & sanitation.

Bin Twinning was launched in 2020. It raises funds to set up social enterprises tackling the mounting waste crisis. 2 billion people worldwide have no waste collection service. These schemes will organise a waste collection service in a community. Each family will their waste collected, disposed of safely & recycled – preventing disease & protecting the planet. 

I have twinned my recycling bin with a 3 year rubbish/recycling project being set up in Port–au-Prince (the capital of Haiti). At the moment, the only ways they can dispose of their rubbish is to burn it or dump on the street or in the river.  Children are often injured playing in the rubbish.  Toxic fumes are breathed in by all the residents & many suffer from breathing problems.

Through the project:

· A weekly door to door collection project will be set up for up for 4,000  households.

· Organic waste will be converted into compost.

· Plastic waste will be recycled into paving bricks for roads & driveways.

· Young people will be encouraged to change their attitudes towards waste & plastic pollution.

·  Local government will be urged to do more to reduce the amount of waste generated & improve waste management services.

You can see further details on  including details of a project in Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan).

Will you join me by twinning one of your bins?