Casting a new light in the Church Centre

In my bit about the ‘new’ toilet in the August magazine, I mentioned that all the light fittings throughout the Centre were to be replaced with new LED fittings.  While this might seem a bit extravagant (the original quote was around £2,500) it was a job that was bound to be tackled at some point in the near future, given that LED’s use so much less power than the old fittings and give a much better light (the office has been transformed!!). The high level ones in the church were replaced last year and have proved much more efficient…..a longer life too…we hope!!  

Using some of Cecilia’s legacy we were able to go ahead with the work in the Centre earlier than we otherwise may have done. What a blessing it’s been, ten years on from the foyer being opened (21st September 2009) and nineteen years after the Centre was completed, twenty-three round ceiling fittings, fifteen fluorescent tubes, 16 bulkhead fittings and four outside lights have been replaced.  In addition to this work, new spotlights in the Chancel were fitted and alarms installed in the two disabled toilets. Because of the extra work the final bill is £3,234.49p. Personally I think it’s money, generously gifted to Christ Church, well spent. I guess I have a vested interest in this job though, as most of the fittings have had a bulb/mini fluorescent/tube replaced at some point by yours truly (the eight in the Westbridge room had two in each fitting!!! That’s certainly a job I won’t miss.

N.B. Part of the diocesan and national church aim is to take positive steps to reduce our impact on the environment. This we have addressed in several ways, the lights being just one aspect. 

Phil Tunstall

PS: A big “Thank you” (once again) to Phil Tunstall for researching, coordinating and overseeing this project. A great improvement.