Chaplain to the Sheriff

We are pleased to hear the news that Rev Preb Gerald Gardiner has been invited to take on an honorary role as chaplain to the High Sheriff of Staffordshire. I asked him to write a little about this to fill us in on what it means.  (Paul)

The Office of High Sheriff is the oldest continuous secular office under the Crown and can be traced back more than 1,000 years. The role has changed over the centuries but today the High Sheriff is the Queen’s representative in the County for all matters relating to the Judiciary and the maintenance of law and order. Much of the High Sheriff’s year therefore is spent supporting and encouraging the voluntary and statutory organisations who work in that area of life. In Staffordshire this means involvement with the Crown and Magistrates Courts, the Police, and the Prison and Probation Services. (There are 8 prisons in Staffordshire.) As chaplain to the new High Sheriff, Jamie Friend of Mucklestone, I will be preaching at services in St. Mary’s Stafford that mark the beginning of each legal term as well as accompanying him on as many of his official visits as I can.