Hospital Notes 22

Let me tell you about a great encouragement we received at the Chaplaincy (SPARC) recently.

Just after I arrived at Royal Stoke a few weeks ago, while talking with another volunteer, a student nurse from Keele University arrived to ask about the work of the Chaplaincy Department. This student was a Christian and was excited to learn of the contact and therefore input to the overall well being and recovery of so many patients both with and without faith. In addition support is offered to patients’ families and hospital staff. The student talked with Christine Wright (the Lead Chaplain) and with both of us during the visit.

It was good to see such genuine desire to want to help the whole person and this student went away “with much to think about”. The delay caused by that visit was opportune because it resulted in my being asked to visit a patient in a different ward from those I normally go to. The patient I saw had recently arrived, was due for surgery later that afternoon and able to talk about the feelings, anxieties and impact that potential outcomes might have on life in the future. Being a lay minister prayer was welcomed especially at a time immediately before the operation.

Finally, details of the CAROL SINGING

CAROL SINGING will take place at BOTH ROYAL STOKE and COUNTY hospitals on MONDAY 16th DECEMBER.

ARRIVAL is from 5pm at Stoke and 5.30pm at Stafford.

SINGING starts at 6PM PROMPT at both hospitals.

ASSEMBLE at “The Chaplaincy” (Royal Stoke) – Main Building LG2

or at “The Pilgrim Chapel” (County) – 1st Floor.

PLEASE TRY TO LET ME KNOW if you are coming. The hospitals try to determine in advance where to go and this depends on the numbers attending. But if you are able to come ‘last minute’ then just turn up!


Dave Rowlands