Hospital Notes 37 –  FREEDOM?  

I’m not sure if the above title is quite correct but on visiting County Hospital early in September I found out that from 31st August I no longer needed to carry out a Lateral Flow Test before attending to work at the hospitals. I also discovered that the requirement to wear a new apron and gloves for each patient had been discontinued. In fact I didn’t need to wear them at all!

Although it had been time consuming and strange to have to don this PPE initially, having been back visiting for 18 months, it now seemed very odd to cease doing what had become automatic! Was I safe wandering around the wards without it? Of course, like all in the hospital I am still required to wear a face mask at all times.

All the PPE stations remain in place – who knows whether or not we might have to revert to using it once again in the future?

Does this feel like FREEDOM? Not really; because at present I feel rather ‘underdressed’ as I approach someone’s bedside and especially if they reach out and take hold of my hand. FREEDOM, at least partly, comes when we feel and are safe and I am sure this will soon be the case again as I readjust to the more relaxed circumstances.

However, true FREEDOM is experienced only when we are safe and secure for the future as well as for the present. This is the wonderful gift that Christians receive when they put their faith and trust in God who created us, sustains us through everything we experience in life and gives us complete confidence for the future.

Jesus said “If you hold to my teaching you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you FREE. And if the Son sets you FREE you will be FREE indeed”     John 8: 32,36

Dave Rowlands