Jigsaw Project

Hi we are the Lee family  Tim and Kate, James, Rebekah and Grace.  We are CMS mission partners who  ten years ago followed Gods call to serve him in the Philippines with vulnerable children. What started as playing with a few kids from the local slum area has now grown to be an organisation called Jigsaw which works with over a 1000 children a week in four deprived areas of Manila.  Jigsaw has many projects but its main purpose is to provide day centres in the slum communities where children can meet regularly to worship, play, eat, study and learn about Gods word and above all  be loved.

After six years of working in the Philippines God made it very clear that we were to leave and manage Jigsaw from the UK.  So for the last three years Tim, supported as a CMS mission partner has directed Jigsaw  daily via Skype, email and regular visits.  As Jigsaw is pioneering in its organisational structures, philosophies and ways of working it still needs at this stage support, encouragement and direction so as to ensure sustainability.  Kate currently works as a primary school teacher alongside supporting the work of the UK charity which was set up to support the work of Jigsaw.