Life of Jesus – the man and why he matters (a 6-week course for Lent)

What really happened back in the first century, in Jerusalem and around the lake of Galilee, that changed the shape of world history? Following on from his award-winning documentary The Christ Files, ancient historian John Dickson takes us on a new journey through the most significant parts of Jesus’ life. Shot on location in Israel, the Life of Jesus introduces the viewer in six short episodes to what we know of Jesus’ birth, his teaching, his deeds, and his crucifixion and reported resurrection from the dead.


Sessions: a choice of Sunday 6 pm or Weds 7.30 pm.

Sunday 7th or Wednesday 10th February

God’s Signpost – scrutinizes the Christian claim that God has revealed himself in a tangible way in Jesus of Nazareth

Sunday 21st or Wednesday 24th February

Christos – explores Jewish expectations of the Messiah (or Christ) and whether or not Jesus met those hopes

Sunday 28th February or Wednesday 2nd March

Kingdom Come – examines Jesus’ key message and the extraordinary claims about his ‘miracles’

Sunday 6th or Wednesday 9th March

Judge and Friend – addresses Jesus’ scandalous practice of befriending those typified as ‘sinners under God’s judgment’

Sunday 13th or Wednesday 16th March

Cross Examination – looks at the political causes of Jesus’ crucifixion, and the meaning that Jesus and the early Christians attached to it

Sunday 20th or Wednesday 23rd March

The Resurrection – assesses why the resurrection story is still taken seriously by historians and how that story changed the world