News from Ben Hardee

Do you remember a former colleague Ben Hardee?

We’ve just heard that he has joined the staff of
St. Luke’s Evangelical Church in Wellington,
(Here’s a map!) to work with their youth, to reach out to youth in the community and to lead
their 8 am. Contemporary Worship Service. Benjamin is a graduate of
Moody Bible Institute (MBI) in Chicago. Moody is a world-renowned
school for training pastors and missionaries. Benjamin also studied at the
University of Bonn this past year, with an internship in the United
Benefice of Christ Church, Stone & Oulton with Moddershall in England.
He completed his work on a Master of Arts in Ecumenical Theology in
September of 2011. He was married to Sarah on July 29 at the Rock
Creek Bible Church in Meriden, Kansas. Sarah graduated from Calvary
Bible College in Kansas City. Benjamin was installed as youth pastor and
contemporary worship leader on Sunday 13th November. We hope and
pray for a good and fruitful ministry.
Paul Kingman