Our Current Crisis

I don’t profess to know much about this pandemic which we are experiencing at the current time: and because COVID-19 is so new at times we might think the experts don’t know that much either yet!

But what I do know is that there are reports of good things happening…

  • the sudden improvement in air quality in China while industries have been shut down.
  • the change in the condition of the water in the Venetian canals.
  • more birds chirruping loudly as they sense the peace and tranquillity of our streets and Llandudno going from ‘ghost’ town to ‘goats’ town so quickly. Nature is surely enjoying the rest.
  •  the ways in which people are pulling together to care for and support each other – especially the elderly (of which I am classed a member). Our shopping is being done by 2 very lovely friends as we couldn’t get online delivery slots; and they’re shopping for others as well!

I have read (The Archbishop of Canterbury) Justin Welby’s, Lent Book entitled “Saying Yes To Life” written by Dr Ruth Valerio who is an environmentalist, theologian, social activist and Global Advocacy and Influencing Director at Tearfund.

She writes, In recent centuries the church has been guilty of moving away from a sacramental and connected relationship with nature to one where nature is seen simply as a resource to be exploited”. It makes challenging reading at this time of rapid and severe climate change. She argues strongly and convincingly how people and the natural world were created to work together in harmony. Our dominion over the earth really means to care for and give back to nature rather than to help ourselves without regard to the consequences. Pillaging the planet to satisfy our want and greed is no longer acceptable.

I listened to an American author being interviewed about the current situation on the radio recently. Her opinion was sought about the assertion being made that when life returns to a more normal state that there will be a transformation in the way we live, work and travel. Her answer surprised me. “No”, she replied, “In the States we said life would never be the same again after 9/11 but when things returned to normal we carried on as before and nothing has changed for the better”.

How terribly sad that the human race never seems to learn from experience.

So what should we do? Well, of course, we can all do our best to live responsibly with due regard for others of every race, creed and colour; we can do our bit for recycling and conservation; we can even sew scrubs to help the NHS at this time of shortage but none of this will solve all the problems.

So what I do, alongside all of that, is to put my faith and trust for the future in God who created me and says to me…

“Fear not, you are mine, I will always be with you because I am your Saviour and I love you” (from Isaiah 43: 1,3,4)

Dave Rowlands