‘RE:ACTS’ – everyday church: Sundays from 6pm at Christ Church Centre

Re:Acts‘RE:ACTS’ – everyday church: Sundays from 6pm at Christ Church Centre, Stone.On Sunday evenings we are taking a look at the early church to learn lessons for today’s church: what did they believe? what did they get up to? what can we learn about their shared life and witness? Rather than the usual service format we are trying something different: 3M church. We begin with spending time together as we have a simple Meal, we have a Message as we learn from the Bible together and there is also time to Mingle as we build relationships.
Outline of studies:

1. God’s big plan: Jesus’ ascension to heaven.

2. God’s empowering presence: heavenly resources for all the people of God.

3. Gospel division – the outbreak of persecution.

4. Missions Community – the stripped back church of God.

5. Fear and faith – the sacrifice we make for the sovereign Lord we serve.

6. Stephen the martyr – the kingdom we’re to build .

7. Philip an evangelist – a Spirit-directed mission to outcasts.

8. The conversion of Saul – gospel change and its fruit.