Rocksalt World Tour

Rocksalt World Tour

The band Rocksalt was formed in 1977 at the height of the church coffee bar scene. The four original members of John Martin (Bass), Pete Mason (Keyboards), Tim Headley (Drums) and Phil Stokes (Guitar) put their combined and albeit limited musical skills together and started playing at any venue that would have them!

After three years Tim Jenks joined the line up returning from the USA, and we were “spoilt” with two guitarists!

Greg Szabo, the lighting engineer, flicked switches to make lights go on and off and has subsequently made a career of flashing lights for real bands all over the world.

Rocksalt worked with Youth for Christ, local churches and student unions and over the years played Spring Harvest, Green Belt and Fresh Ground as well as making a lot of noise in both Lichfield and Coventry cathedrals as well as school gigs, pubs and many other assorted venues.

With the pressures of young families and real jobs the lads laid down their instruments from gigging, called an end to 1 am motorway services meals, and all ended up leading music in local churches.

Realising that the clock is ticking and only Pete still has a full head of hair, the idea came to put on a tour at a few select venues while we can still carry the equipment.

The first gig will be at Christ Church Centre, Stone on Saturday 14th March at 7.30

Admission free but donations to CMS JigSaw charity for kids inthe Philippines.

Other dates and venues will be announced in due course. If you remember those heady coffee bar days, heard Rocksalt all those years ago and are allowed out of your Care Home for the evening, or if you just fancy a good evening out with some great Christian Rock Music, come and join the fun.

The last time we all played together was 23 years ago and so before you ask, yes, we do plan to have a practice before the night!