Stone Town Advent Window Trail 2022

A very warm welcome to this, our 13th year of the Christ Church, Stone,
Community Advent Calendar. We are excited and ready to see all the
wonderful Advent Window displays this year and look forward to meeting
everyone who is able to join in with this year’s event.
This year the displays will be up for the whole of December for you to enjoy
around the town. Do follow the map and see if you can find all the windows!
We will, as in previous years, be ‘opening’ a window each day just like a
traditional Advent Calendar, reading a section of our Christmas story and
singing a Christmas carol.
The ‘openings’ will take place at 11.00am each morning and the locations for
each day can be found on the map overleaf. In addition, we will ‘virtually’ open
a window each day on our Christ Church Facebook page, so you can still join in
even if you cannot attend.
Do also join us on Christmas Eve – December 24th – from 9.30am when we will
‘sing our way up the High Street’ and revisit all the wonderful displays and sing
as many Christmas carols as we can! We will start from Suitcase Dry Cleaners at
9.30am and finish at Christ Church at 11.00am for our final opening.
We would like to thank all the businesses who are allowing us to use their
window space and all the schools, nurseries and organisations creating the
artwork. Our theme this year is ‘Jesus – The Greatest Gift of All’ – what better gift
could we ever have!

The Map (Check list below for changes)

Please Note, due to some business closures, some of the details have changed since printing.

To check the final locations, please check the latest updates in the list below.