Summer 2014 Preaching series for Christ Church Stone & Oulton with Moddershall

Date Sun of month Morning service

at CC, Stone & Oulton


Tues at CC, Stone

Afternoons 6.00 pm at CC, Stone




School hols

3rd HC

Series: Jesus the Teacher (Luke)

Luke 5v17-39: Controversy in Galilee. Mk 2v23-3v6: Lord of the Sabbath Fam@4 4. Law & gospel.



27th 4th MP Luke 6v1-16: He’s the Lord of all. Mk 3v7-35: Who is on the Lord’s side?   5. Repentance.
Aug 3rd 1st HC


Luke 6v17-26: Life now and not yet. Mk 4v1-25: Take heed of his word.


  Modd @6pm
10th 2nd MP


Lk 6v27-36: Love your enemies. Mk 4v26-41: The power of his word.   Modd @6pm
17th 3rd HC Lk 6v37-45: Wise judgments. Mk 5v1-20: Jesus is awesome!


  Modd @6pm
24th 4th MP


Lk 6v46-49: What is your life built on? Mk 5v21-43: Jesus is compassionate.


The Cranstons

Last service.

Oulton 4pm


5th Lk 7v1-17: Life giving words. Mk 6v1-13: Jesus and his team.   -No service-
Sept 7th 1st Service with BBC Radio Stoke. Lk 7v36-50: Life changing words.


Mk 6v30-56: All in a day’s work.   ‘TGCL’ continued

6. Heart Idolatry