The big picture

How have you occupied yourself in the long dark days of winter lockdown?

Over the last year we have done a few jigsaw puzzles, mostly 1,000 piece puzzles. However, the hardest puzzle we did had a mere 500 pieces. Even putting the edge pieces together was difficult, so many pieces seemed to fit in more than one place.

The picture was of Little Langdale, a place that we knew quite well once upon a time; we even had a full-size photograph to work from. After a considerable time 2/3 of the puzzle was done and that was how the puzzle stayed for weeks. The sky was really challenging to put together. The pieces fitted in several places but only one place was the right place, we just couldn’t see it.

It reminded us that we are like pieces in a puzzle. As part of God’s family we fit together to make the big picture. We may not always see God’s purpose for us but we can be sure that he knows. He is the one who sees the big picture.

Anyone want a jigsaw of the Lake District? Enid