The God of “Sense”

A number of years ago I was inspired to write some verses as titled above which I adapted and used recently as part of the prayers in church. It was suggested by someone at that service that I reproduce them in the magazine… So here goes…
Jesus, that word Your name, it brings to me
Excruciating joy and pain
So subtly infused together –
That word, Your name.
When I awake to yet another day,
I praise You for Your grace and goodness.
You show Your love in many, many ways,
And will continue so to do for all my days.
And when I think of you my LORD,
Such beauty scarce can I conceive.
I realise that all I have is Yours –
In generosity You give me what I need.
You give me senses to engage with life.
Please let me use them all to know You better –
To know Your love, Your mercy and Your grace,
That I may help to make Your world a Godly place.
When I taste You in the bread and wine,
I once again remember life so fine,
You bought for me at such immeasurable cost
As I read Your word each day, O LORD,
Please let me hear You speak to me so clear –
Not what I want to hear, but what You say,
To point my life more clearly on Your way.
I long to draw much closer to You LORD,
To touch You and from You receive,
In body, mind and spirit; let me live
Life in abundance that You long to give
My sense of smell reminds me too,
Of good yet simple things which come from You –
Roast dinners, cut grass and Branston Pickle,
Jesus, keep me firm and true, and not so fickle.
When one day I see You face to face,
I’ll see the maker of the universe –
Of macro- and of micro-scopic all
Outside my comprehension such design and power.
At end of day and as I go to sleep,
I thank You Jesus for the day that’s past.
For all the things that make You real to me,
And once again confirm I’m in Your hands.
                                             Dave Rowlands