The significance of a signature

Thank you to everyone who signed the sheet that accompanied our Christmas greetings card, sent by email, to our Mission Partners. This is what it meant to some of them when they received your signatures and Christmas card greetings this year:

Jonathan and Robinah Beesigomwe:

“Many times the Christmas Cards with those signatures and prayers spoke more to us than words can tell.“

Tim & Kate Lee:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful Christmas cards and Christmas messages …  To see all of the signatures and names brings great love to us and empowers us so much… ”

Paul and Elizabeth Makau:

“Thank you so much for … the nice Christmas card with all your signatures and messages. We are really excited, grateful and it will go a long way in helping us and you fulfil the great commission as in Matthew 28:18-20.”

E & R in South Asia:

“Thank you so much for the newsletter and Christmas greetings.

[We] loved all the signatures!…

A copy of each Mission Partner’s full Christmas message is available, along with their latest newsletter, in the folder under the Mission Matters noticeboard, opposite the Church Office door.