The Steep and Narrow Path  

We enjoy walking and like doing sections of long-distance paths. The Two Saints Way goes through the centre of Stone, so we have been able to do several chunks of that path. A path that is for holidays is the Welsh Coastal Path and what a diverse and interesting path that is! We have walked the beautiful section near Porthmadog many times and never failed to enjoy that lovely diverse seaside walk. Another, very different, section of the coastal walk runs around the Llŷn Peninsula. This section has long stretches of steep cliff walking. We were delighted when we were able to have a week in a remote cottage not far from Aberdaron and to be in an unfamiliar area.

While walking on the coastal path we found ourselves on a very narrow section, we had not seen the wider bypass path, further from the cliff. At first the path was easy going with spectacular views across the sea, then more vegetation invaded the narrow track, next it became very steep. Soon we found ourselves scrambling up rocks, how glad I was of the helping hand stretched out to help me and how good the guidance of where to put my feet and the encouragement to keep going. Suddenly we were at the top amidst the heather and swards of grass. How easy it would have been to give up and perhaps try to go back but what a reward awaited when we were at the top!

I know hill walking is not for everyone, but it reminded me that there are many difficulties we all face and how Jesus is there to guide us and help us. Remember the old chorus When the road is Rough and Steep, fix your eyes upon Jesus. Good advice for us all.