Water into Wine

7.30 p.m. Friday 24th June 2022 (with interval) at Christ Church, Stone [Tickets £10].

Water into Wine is a brand new live one-man stand-up theology show about Jesus’s top three miracles.

In an unscientific straw poll of people who don’t go to church on social media, James Cary discovered three miracles are a lot more famous than the others:

· Jesus turns water into wine

· Jesus feeds the five thousand

· Jesus walks on water

What do these miracles all have in common?

They are all in the Gospel of John. In fact, Jesus turning water into wine is a John’s gospel exclusive. And it happens in Chapter 2 right at the start.

Why does Jesus open with that one? What’s he doing at this wedding? Why did he initially refuse to do the miracles? When did he actually do it? What about Steve and Shirley, or whoever it was who got married? Why aren’t they mentioned? Delving further and further into story, it turns out that this miracle opens up the whole of John’s gospel.

James Cary, sitcom writer and stand-up theologian, wants to tell you all about it in his new one-man show.

Water into Wine is a smart, fast-paced comedy show that takes John’s gospel seriously and finds the amusing. 

About James Cary: Comedy Writer (Bluestone 42, Miranda, Milton Jones), Author (Sacred Art of Joking) Husband, Father, Christian, CofE General Synod Member, fan of Chesterton, Calvin & Cricket.

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