A wet Thursday in 1933

Remember when… From a Christ Church Magazine in July 1933.

Garden Fete & American Tea. Christ Church, June 22

If I were to describe this event in my best journalistic style, I should say that “ a most successful Garden Party was held in the Vicarage on June 22nd, which, in spite of the thundery weather, raised an excellent total of £33 for the Organ Repair Fund.” In the more exact—if vulgar—rendering of colloquial speech, I should say that it was literally a complete “ wash-out.” To mention the bare fact that a thunderstorm broke over Stone about 3-15 p.m. is to give an utterly inadequate idea of what really took place. There was a deluge of rain and the “ bottles of heaven ” emptied themselves over us without a moment’s relief for about four hours.

All the preparations which had been made in the Vicarage Garden were abandoned at the last minute. The hardy adventurers who presented themselves at the gate were huddled into the house for a picnic tea in dining-room, study, kitchen and hall. The contents of the stalls were carried laboriously to the Parish Room, where an impromptu programme was provided by the Guides and Brownies and a Sale took place. To cut a long story short, everyone made the best of a bad job. It speaks volumes for the energy and keenness of the workers that so large a sum was raised, and had it not been for the weather at least another £25 to £30 might well have resulted. It was a great disappointment that we were unable to enjoy the Maypole Dance by the Stonefield Infants as had been originally intended.

In conclusion, we must express our thanks to all the helpers, and to those who gave so liberally to stock the stalls. Possibly some of our friends who were unable to join us will send in some contribution to compensate us for their disappointment and ours.