In Church again

A Communion service took place in Christ Church (the building) on 19th July; church again, but not as we know it. No music, no singing, and wide spacing of the congregation according to ticks and crosses pasted on the pews.

Social Distancing in teh pews at Christ Church

About 18 of us were present, “filling” most of the central two blocks of pews. We are still allowed to pray and to have a Bible reading, but Communion wine is still forbidden. Although the government has encouraged us to “get on with” any activities as quickly as possible, Paul managed to fit in a short talk. We entered through the back door of the church and left through the new doors at the front. Coffee and biscuits needless to say are also forbidden.

Apparently the capacity is 36 under this system, though I think that people from the same household are allowed to sit closer together which would increase the capacity.

It was good to see fellow church members again without using a webcam, and also to see the work that has been done on the garden.

Dave Bell