Bible reading notes/guides

We all have our own ways of trying to understand the Bible, some start from the beginning, and as the song says, it’s a very good place to start!! Others will let the Bible fall open at a page and take a verse or passage from there, some stick with the Psalms, while many prefer a more structured approach, choosing to use reading notes. There are quite a few different guides available to suit all tastes, and many years ago I used distribute them to church members, then subscriptions became easier to set up so there was no need for a personal involvement. I’ve probably waved the flag for reading notes before, in particular Daily Bread from Scripture Union. These are produced quarterly and  cover several books of the Bible in small blocks over the 3 months, mixing Old and New Testament. For each section there is an introduction and each day a verse of preparation, a passage to read followed by a commentary and finally a response, applicable to the passage read, which is either a verse or a comment. Diana and I have used Daily Bread for a long time and we’re often amazed at the relevance for current situations, considering that they have been put together many months in advance. I’d like to quote some of the responses from the past few days in April’s Daily Bread.

 ‘Lord, in our darkest moments help us to hold to the faith that will see us through the darkness to the light of your love’. 

 ‘How challenging are your circumstances? Can you discern that God is testing you to trust him more?’.

 ‘We hold our breath when we don’t know what will happen next! Hold your breath now and pray for anyone you know who is being tested’

 ‘We have a  stake in this life on earth, but what about your stake in eternity? Pray for those who are currently mourning’.

And on the day our neighbour died from the Corona virus and a close member of our family was having a rough time the response was ‘Pray that you will detect God’s goodness whatever your life is like, being grateful to him. Ask God to reveal his goodness to anyone you know for whom life is particularly tough.’

During the current situation, copies, either one offs or subscriptions, can be arranged online at or contact me for further details Phil Tunstall