Christ Church 88 years ago (1932)

Extracts from the magazine archives …


An effort is being made with the co-operation of all the Christian bodies in the district to provide wholesome recreation and shelter for the unemployed men of the district during the day time. According to the official figures at the present moment there are over 200 men in the town entirely without work, and there is every reason to fear that this number will be nearly doubled by the end of the year. The Congregational Church are lending their Hall as a reading room up till 6 p.m. every week day, until more suitable premises can be secured. Appeal is made for papers, magazines and games which may be used by the men, and also gifts in money or in kind—and offers of service. This is a problem which the whole Christian community can. and should, unite in tackling. The Vicar is on the executive committee and will be glad to receive any gifts or offers of help


Exactly 100 years ago this month (November 1932) the Stone Auxiliary of the Bible Society was founded at a public meeting in the town at which Lord Sandon presided. It would be singularly fitting if all who love the Bible would mark the occasion by rallying to the Jubilee meeting which will be held at the Town Hall on Wednesday, November 16th, at 7-30, when the late General Secretary of the Society, Canon Boughton, of Leicester, will be the principal speaker. The chair will be taken by Mr. Lawrence Welch, and the choirs of St. Michael’s, Christ Church and the Congregational Church will jointly provide the musical programme. During the last 100 years the contributions from this district have steadily increased until two years ago they reached a figure of £75. Last year’s was slightly less. It would be a splendid thing if the Auxiliary could raise a 100th Birthday Gift to the Society, to make the Jubilee year’s total £100. It could be done. Come and hear about the work and take your share in it.