Hospital Notes 24

Those of you who’ve been reading the magazine online may have noticed an absence of any HNs over recent months. This is because Volunteering at UHNM has been suspended (like most other things) due to you know what – C-19.

The last notes I wrote (HN23) were in March. However the work of the SPaRCs team has continued unabated with increased demand and only the employed Chaplains on site.

At last things are beginning to change even though infections are on the rise again.

During September I have attended two meetings at County Hospital to be trained in the new PPE requirements for visiting patients on the Wards and also completed then necessary Risk Assessments. By the time you are reading this it looks as though I will be allowed to resume my work at both Royal Stoke and County if I choose so to do.

Furthermore, I was very encouraged to learn that, due to increased knowledge about, and treatment of C-19 gained over recent months, hospitals are now considered to be some of the safest spaces.

I very much suspect that this is not most people’s perception!

Dave Rowlands