Christ Church 89 years ago

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Some household tips from 1933

Needles will not rust if kept in a piece of flannel that has been soaked in paraffin and allowed to dry. They can be kept for several years in a very damp climate, unspoiled, in a workbox not airtight!

Renovating Deck Chairs — Get double the length of striped canvas, and fold it over the top rail as if for nailing on and then fold over the lower rail and make like roller towel, very strongly sewn together and hemmed. It can be pulled round as it gets worn and faded. It will last for years done this way ; it can also be turned when faded ; no nails are required and it is double the usual strength.

To save buying fresh reels of cotton for slight repairs to coloured frocks, keep a box of chalks and colour the white cotton to shade required. The chalked cotton proves lasting.

Flies —Twenty drops of carbolic acid evaporated from a hot shovel will go far to banish flies from a room. A bit of camphor gum the size of a walnut held over a lamp until consumed will do the same for the mosquito.

NEVER wring towels long-ways. Gather them along the selvedge from end to end. This does away with the rending and tearing one often gets when wringing the other way, and thus doubles the life of the towel.

DROP all yolks of eggs which are not to be used for a day or so into a glass of cold water and stand in a cool place : this will keep them fresh.

WHEN washing glassware add a little washing blue to the water. This will give the glassware a clear and bright appearance.

WHEN meat or fish sandwiches are left over from a supper or picnic party, the following is an excellent method of re-dishing the sandwiches palatably. Melt some good dripping in a frying pan and put sandwiches in just as they are, and fry gently, until a golden brown. These are delicious.

Please note, these tips from 1933 may not be in line with current best practice!