Lessons from a school

Our granddaughter came to stay and one day the whole house was turned into a school with the garden becoming the playground. (“We are sure”, we said,” that whistles are ONLY blown in the playground”).

Various rooms became classrooms. Poor class 10 only had the understairs toilet. “Bit of a squash”, observed big brother.

The six-year-old had made the living room into the staff room – only the most comfy chairs for the staff! Curious to know what a little girl thought about a place she was not privy to, I asked what went on in the staff room; apparently a lot of coffee was drunk and there was much discussion about the disorderly and naughty behaviour of class 7.

I wonder what goes on in these places we are not privy to. What conversations are held in the sitting room of number 11 Downing Street? What does the Queen talk about when she is alone with her family? Does Prince William lose his socks? Does the president of France watch soap operas?

We may not know what happens in these private places and there is no reason for us to know. We may speculate about others but it is what is between God and ourselves that matters for he knows the secrets of our hearts.

“If we had forgotten the name of our God or spread out our hands to a foreign god would not God have discovered it since he knows the secrets of the heart”. Psalm 44 :20-21.

Only God knows the secrets of our hearts but he certainly knows.