Hope Explored

There are few emotions more powerful than hope. It’s a spark inside you that brings a smile to your lips; a light that shows on your face; a feeling that lifts your head and pulls you forward. Hope is what keeps us alive. But these days it hope often feels hard to come by. Yet real hope is what the Christian faith claims to offer: a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about my present.

Hope Explored is a new three-week discipleship course developed by Christianity Explored Ministries. It looks at the four titles that are found in Isaiah 9—Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father and Wonderful Counsellor—before showing how these were fulfilled in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. It shows the Bible’s story of “promise and fulfilment” in history, and invites us to put our hope in the promises of Jesus that are yet to be fulfilled. 

Each week’s topic touches on a real “hope” that we’re all looking for, and which Jesus meets. The three sessions being:

· Session 1: Hope / Mighty God.
· Session 2: Peace / Prince of Peace.
· Session 3: Purpose / Everlasting Father and Wonderful Counsellor.

Each session will involve:

· A short, 5 minute introduction to the theme.
· An opening discussion question.
· A 10-15 minute Bible talk on video.
· A simple Bible study in Luke’s Gospel.

This will be held at The Vicarage, Bromfield Court, Stone ST15 8ED from 7.30-9.00 p.m. on Tuesday 14th, 21st and 28th January 2020. 

RSVP by Sunday 12th February to me for the purpose of having enough study guides.  


Paul Kingman