Hospital Notes 39

I have not been visiting the hospitals since early October due to my first experience of the virus. I tested positive on October 12th and remained so until the 22nd when I was pleased to get a negative result. My symptoms weren’t at all bad, but as I recovered I was left feeling very low with a recurrence of the symptoms of my previous periods of severe depression.

I was terrified that life was going to be another long haul (my last time lasting 2 years less 1 week). However it turned out to be the aftermath of covid (I understand low mood can be one of the side effects) and 4 weeks after my negative result I started to improve quite quickly.

Praise the LORD that I am now fully recovered and back to ‘normal’!

I will be returning to work at both Royal Stoke and County hospitals in the New Year and look forward to being able to share with you more of my thoughts and feelings associated with it next year.

I cannot finish without expressing my deepest appreciation to the many of you who prayed for me during what was a very difficult few weeks for Jeanette and me – I can only describe it as a living death and I’m sure it wasn’t much better for my long suffering wife!


Dave Rowlands