You have my word”

When we sign a cheque or a legal document we say we are “putting our name” to it. This means that we understand what we are doing and will honour any promises made.

It used to be common for people to say “you have my word” after they had made a commitment to do something for a friend. Today less specific phrases like “No problem” are used.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and the phone rings. An aero modeling friend of mine is on the line. The conversation is brief. “Are you going tonight, Roger?” (He is referring to an indoor model flying club to which we both belong). I tell him that I am, and be replies “OK I’ll pick you up”. Its brief and to the point.

Because of our friendship I can trust his word. I immediately assemble all the models and gear that I will need for the evening. My friend’s word has galvanized me into action. Then, sure enough at 6.30 his car arrives to pick me up.

Scripture tells us that we have God’s Word. I can trust whatever our Lord Jesus has said, and can rest assured that the promises that he has given us will be met.

I am also personally aware of the times that He has “picked me up”, not to take me somewhere, but simply to put me right!

Our time together with Jesus often has to start at that point.

Roger Vaughan