Is Forgiveness Possible?

Over 260 people from around Staffordshire gathered in a Conference Room at the Britannia Stadium and heard the message that forgiveness is possible, through the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Robin Oake, former Chief Constable, in conversation with evangelist Roger Carswell, gave a whistle-stop account of his life, how he became a Christian, then a Police Officer, rising through the ranks to become Chief Constable of the Isle of Man.

In a very moving account, Robin went on to tell the audience how, in January 2003, he received a received a phone call to say that his son Stephen, a Detective Constable in Greater Manchester’s Special Branch, had been murdered – stabbed as he apprehended a terrorist suspect during a raid in the city.

Robin, who was still serving in the Isle of Man, faced journalists and cameras at a press conference the next day, Robin was asked “what do you think of the man who killed your son?”.

Robin prayed for God’s help before answering the reporter “I don’t know the man or all the circumstances of the operation but from my heart I forgive him.” 

A recording of the interview is available, but not for download on this site – please email for details.

Roger Carswell’s challenging talk is also available by arrangement.

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