Map needed

We were lost, not totally lost you understand, we knew where we had come from and could easily have retraced our steps but we were perplexed. The instructions we had been given said “take the bridle path and follow the blue arrows”. However the bridle path went more than one way and there were no blue arrows to be seen in any direction. What were we to do? We could easily return to the beginning of the walk but this was a circular walk and we had no wish to be defeated.

Being in the middle of a wood meant that we couldn’t see very far ahead; we had a compass and there was a map sign board for the wood but it was more by trial and error that we found our way between the trees and out onto the other side of the wood. Even so we were not at the next place in our instructions so we very pleased to see the monument which was definitely in the instructions.

Our five mile walk, that day, turned out to be 8 miles but we were happy to be out for the day seeing some beautiful scenery (when we were out of the woods!) It seems the instructions we were given were incomplete and we also needed a better map, which would certainly have helped.

In our daily lives we need directions, we may know where we have come from but do we know where we are going? What finer place to look than the Bible and what a wonderful verse there is in Psalm 119.

Often used as a memory verse in the days of Pathfinder camp and Sunday school these are words worth learning: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” Psalm 119 :105 or in a more modern version “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path”.