The chisel and the Sculptor

A skilled wood carver surveys his latest partly finished work. Beside it on his bench are many chisels of different shapes and sizes. He carefully selects one and continues to carve.

The chisel has no idea what the final masterpiece will look like, but the creator has a clear vision in his mind of what he will achieve. After a few minutes the chisel is put down in a pile along with several other tools which have already been used. He picks up a different chisel which then lies passive in his hand ready for action.

The pile of blunt chisels is not forgotten, and after a while the craftsman gathers them together to be re-sharpened and made ready for the next phase in his work.

We share this mysterious work with many other Christians and need to come together regularly in worship to be “sharpened up” Do we start each day simply ready to be used as Our Father wishes?  In this way we can be chosen again to carry out whatever task the Father’s has in mind. Whether our part is large or small, it is valuable in establishing the Kingdom of God.