New Frontal at Christ Church

Praise be to God for the gifts and talents He has given each one of us. To Him be the glory!!!

On Sunday 2nd November, the Banner & Crafts needlework group presented a new set of ‘green’ furnishings to the church, to replace the
very worn and faded set that has been in use for longer than most people in the church can remember.

It has taken a team of 10 ladies and two men almost a year to complete this work. More than 300 hours of work has gone into designing, sewing and constructing these furnishings. The design is based on an original A4 drawing created by George Holden.

The drawing had to be scaled up, using the computer, to make full-size patterns for cutting and sewing. The frontal alone required 44 sheets of
A4 paper sellotaped together to make one pattern.

We used approximately 18 metres of cloth (including 7 shades of green material), 20 reels of thread, and 12 metres of black cord to complete the work.
The project was paid for using some of the money left to the church by John Brewer, a member at Christ Church and former Head Master of Christ Church Middle school (now the academy). In acknowledgment of this, there is an embroidered label on the back of the Communion table frontal: Created using part of a legacy left to Christ Church by John and Pearl Brewer. 2014
Elizabeth Nix