“On Your Marks…” Holiday Club

Excitement was building after months of fervent activity; posters, hand- bills and a banner had heralded the event, then came the flags, bunting and sports paraphernalia. Finally, on the 10th April 2012, six teams of ‘athletes’, aged 4-11 from all over Stone and the surrounding area, watched in awe as the Eternal Flame was lit in Christ Church, marking the beginning of the “On Your Marks…” Global Games.

Our host for the Games was Chief Sports commentator Andy Cranston, who took the opportunity to dress up in a different sports kit every day. He was ably supported in his role by our reporter in the studio Ann Core (Louise Kelly) and roving reporter Ian Quisitive (Marcus King), who kept bumping into an interesting character called Peter (Tom Woodhead). Peter was part of “Team Jesus”, and as the week went on, we found out more about what that meant and how we could join the team too.

The athletes took part in their own competitions: throwing the javelin (paper aeroplane), putting the shot (bean bag), long jump and Olympic Torch relay (using an ice cream cone). They also enjoyed making crafts and singing songs based on the Bible stories they had heard.

The Closing Ceremony at Christ Church on Sunday 15th April was well attended, and the whole team with its supporters tucked into a well-deserved Champion’s Chomp of rolls with sausage and bacon afterwards. Many thanks to Shelagh and Kevin Sanders for cooking, and to the 30+ leaders and helpers who made the whole week a great success.