Quiz Night Report

Q.   What starts in late September and lasts until the 1st Saturday in March?

A. Preparation for Arthur & Phil’s quiz night. Well, actually Phil’s preparation starts on the Saturday morning of the quiz!!

It’s Arthur who has been hard at work for the previous seven months getting everything ready for the evening we’ve come to look forward to and enjoy. And what a fun time we had once again this year.

There were the usual guessing games, and of course lots of pots of daffodils for sale. Arthur led the evening in the way we’ve come to know and love, with the usual music questions to sing along to, guess the voice and a picture quiz.

Arthur still uses slightly dated technology and at one point Phil suggested we pause to let the tape recorder cool down and someone (one of the younger team members!!) called out “what’s a tape recorder”!!! All good fun.

As usual Phil couldn’t keep up with the scoring (that’s why I keep the score when we play Scrabble!) and we had a slight hiccup when Phil got the sheets for the last round mixed up…it should have been Easy Listening but he gave out the Classical Music questions!!….. someone in my team, hearing Chariots of Fire said, “is this Brahms or Beethoven”……oops, but we ended the evening in good spirits. So, thank you Arthur for all your hard work over the past 21 years or so, and Tricia too for supporting Arthur and for providing us with the delicious cakes which we always enjoy during the interval.