Wake up and smell the Coffee!

After much moaning about the taste of previous instant coffee offerings at Christ Church, we have entered into and arrangement with Christian Company, Indigo Valley, to provide a catering filter coffee machine and new brands of Fairtrade filter coffee which will be offered after morning services and other events at Church.
Andy Stone Reports on the coffee-tasting in October
Well, it was a close run thing…
We were provided with six coffees. One a few of us tried at the Story Telling
and the consensus was that it was about a 6/10, so that was not tried today –
likewise, the De-caff was not put out (we need the caffeine after a 9.15 am Service!)
The Four coffees today were: –
The average scores were close, so I had to look the actual scoring, using several
statistical models to come up with a final pair of coffees, since a single low score
(2) amongst 7,8 & 9’s pulled one score down, but there was a clear winner,
100% Fairtrade Organic Costa Rica SHB Arabica
Medium/Dark Filter Roast
Great sweetness and a really clean finish with notes of toasted caramel and
roasted hazelnuts balanced by a slight fruity acidity. Mild body with a short,
sharp finish.
Perfect as a morning coffee
With (once the 2 was discounted)
BRAZILIAN GOLD a clear second.
100% Fairtrade Brazil Santos Fine Cup Arabica
Medium Filter Roast
Smooth and malty with peanut and walnut like flavours, balanced by a subtle
earthiness and creamy body.
Perfect as an all day drinking or after dinner coffee
We have now purchased one box of each, so both are available – one is medium,
the other is a darker roast, so that should count for most tastes (apart from the
treacle-like espresso lovers!)
To see more about this Christian Fairtrade Company , look at