Window on Her Soul

We arrived on Saturday afternoon (2nd March) to a packed Church Centre and added our home-bakes for the tables already groaning under the weight of goodies from very many excellent home bakers around the parish.  In another corner, a table for the exchange of accessories was being artistically arranged.

Tables for us to sit at with our friends were beautifully dressed with table cloths and floral arrangements. They also had some table quizzes on them on the theme of fashion design. A logo sheet, some fashion designers and one with clothing styles. These certainly got everyone talking.

Joyce Baynes bravely took centre stage to talk about her faith journey and growth over the years as a Christian.  We knew that Joyce and her husband Ray were members of the Salvation Army but, surprisingly, Joyce’s talk did not focus on this part of the journey.  From a Billy Graham crusade in the 1960s and onward travel, Joyce had been on many postings and locations.  In down to earth terms, we learned about her many moves, challenges and growing conviction that God was calling her and her husband to live out their faith.  Joyce told us about the many influential souls she had met on that journey and the one or two difficult ones!  Joyce and Ray had learned to trust in the providence of God and the odd miracle or two at the right moment in time showing that their trust had not been in vain.  We all appreciated Joyce’s honest account and truthful description of times that had not always been so easy but we learned that trusting in Jesus as Lord had not let them down.

All the company enjoyed the tea party which followed, a chance to swap bags, beads and scarves on display and the opportunity to socialise at long last.