Reflections on Holy Week

At Christ Church Academy, pupils have been learning about Holy Week and its importance for Christians. After reading the Gospel accounts of the events, they were given a choice of reflective tasks through which to show their understanding of the significance of the story in the lives of believers. A good number of children chose to present their responses as poems. 

Both were written by boys in Key Stage 3.


Holy week, Holy week,

Jesus was extremely meek.

He was betrayed,

But he was not afraid.

His life came down to a 

Decision from Pilate. 

His death was very violent.

His head was cut, legs were beaten,

Carrying the cross when he had not eaten.

He was nailed to the cross,

Tears were shed,

He was laid in a tomb,

Placed on his deathbed.

He was raised from the dead,

United the nation,

That’s why Jesus is the incarnation.


Before you betrayed me, we had the Last Supper

End of a friendship

The money wasn’t worth the betrayal

Running from your sins

A kiss was all it took

You would regret this for the rest of your life

And all of the love from the disciples

Lost all away.